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Pest Control in Bridgewater New Jersey NJ

Pest Control in Bridgewater, NJ

No one wants to share their home with pests, and with Simply the Best Pest Control, you don’t have to! Whether you’re battling bees in the backyard, ants in the kitchen, or a mystery bug in the bathroom, our pest control in Bridgewater is the solution for you. Not only do we eliminate existing pests, but we also take preventative measures to ensure pests stay gone for good, giving you unbeatable protection

Our pest control in Bridgewater will protect your home through a variety of different pest control services, including:

  • Ant control
  • Beetle control
  • Clover mite control
  • Earwig control
  • Rodent control
  • Spider control
  • Bee control
  • Centipede control
  • Cricket control
  • Flea control
  • Silverfish control
  • Stinkbug control
  • And more!

Same-Day and Saturday Servicing

We work with you and your schedule to make sure your home is pest-free. Same-day service available if you call before noon.

Family-Friendly Products

At Simply the Best, family comes first—this means using reduced-risk products that are tough on pests and safe for your loved ones! We also have organic options for our mosquito control.

Free Re-Treatments

You deserve the best care—with Simply the Best, that’s what you get! If pests return, so will we. Our exterminators will re-treat at no additional charge, ensuring pests are gone for good.

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Mosquito Control in Bridgewater

Mosquitoes and ticks are two common backyard pests that can put a damper on your fun in the sun. Mosquitoes cause red, itchy welts while ticks are a pain to try and remove, and both can put you at risk for serious diseases including malaria, West Nile virus, and Lyme disease. Instead of staying cooped up indoors, trust our mosquito control in Bridgewater for safe, effective relief. As these two pests go hand in hand, our exterminators offer mosquito treatments that include tick control as well!

When you choose our mosquito control in Bridgewater, we will:

  • Thoroughly inspect your property to identify breeding areas and hiding spots that mosquitoes are using.
  • Carefully apply family-friendly products that eliminate mosquitoes and ticks, paying special attention to standing water and dense vegetation.
  • Return monthly for preventative treatments, giving you relief throughout the mosquito season.

Trust in Your Local Pest Control Company

As a locally owned pest control company in Bridgewater, we know our community and our climate—this means you can trust our team of highly trained and local exterminators to know everything there is about the pests specific to our area and how to eliminate them once and for all. What are you waiting for? Give us a call at 908-444-0717 and receive the best pest control in Bridgewater that you deserve!

Rodent Control in Bridgewater

Mice and rats may not sting or bite, but they rank highly on the list of annoying household pests. When you’re dealing with a rodent infestation, you might find teeth marks in your upholstery and pantry items, hear the patter of rodent feet in walls or ceilings, or even find disgusting droppings around your house. It’s tempting to try mouse trapping yourself, but store-bought solutions can be difficult to use and dangerous. Call Simply the Best for rodent control in Bridgewater and you’ll be trusting tried-and-true rodent exterminating professionals.

When you call our mice exterminators, you can expect:

  • A customized rat trapping plan that’s as unique as your home.
  • Use of family-friendly, humane bait and mechanical traps that effectively capture mice and rats.
  • Exclusion repair work to find and fix the holes and cracks in your home’s exterior that might be letting rodents inside.
  • Flexible services, including Saturday services and same-day services when you call before noon.
  • A satisfaction guarantee–if mice and rats return to your home, so will our rat exterminators.

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